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Space Saving Hacks - It’s not about packing light, but packing right

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Space Saving Hacks

10 Space saving hacks to make more room in your travel pack

1.Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding them

You’ll be amazed by how much space you save.>

2.Stuff socks and other small items inside your packed shoes

Why waste all those free space inside them?

3.Safeguard breakable items by stuffing them in socks

Perfume bottles and likewise which might have a risk of breakage can be placed inside socks to keep them safe. And you can even club this with point 2.

4.Store your charger and USB cables in an old Sunglass case

Promise you, this will keep you from losing your mind. You can even use a binder clip to hold the wires together (even of headphones) while rolling them up so that they don’t entangle. Even jewellery can be stored in the Sunglass cases

5.Use plastic wrap to prevent leakage of liquids

While carrying moisturizers, face creams etc, there is a possibility of them leaking in your bag and causing a mess. Prevent this by keeping a cut piece of plastic wrap over the tube head before corking in the top/cap.

6.Use a belt to keep your shirt collar stiff

The shirt collar folding up weirdly is one problem faced a lot. To avoid that roll up your belt and place it within the collar. This works best in a suitcase but maybe not so when using a rucksack.

7.Fold your Blazer inside out to prevent wrinkles.

If you are on for a business meet and carrying a Blazer/Coat with you, fold it inside out and place in your travel bag. This will help prevent the wrinkles from spoiling the beauty of your oh-so-smart blazer.

8.Store razors with Binder Clip

Here we have the binder clip save us again. If your razor doesn’t have a protective cap, place its head within a binder clip to save yourself and your packed items from any unwanted injuries.

9.Place unfoldable documents in your laptop rather than a file

If you are carrying any documents which you do not want to be folded, instead of using up space by using a file, place the documents within the laptop while closing it down. Voila, job well done!

10.Scan all your important documents and mail it to yourself to save a digital copy

Okay, so this isn’t one which will save space in your travel pack but will surely save down on your blood pressure if things go wrong. Scan your itinerary, passport, identity card and any other important document and mail it to yourself so that in case of a theft you still have proof of all the documents. This will help a lot especially while filing a police case of theft in foreign countries.

You can thank us later for the tips by the way. Travel safe, travel awesome!

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