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Pooja - Diwali Kerala Holiday Packages

Pooja and Diwali
Cheerful Festivals.
Memorable Celebrations.

Pooja and Diwali – Major Festivals in India

Add up your Pooja- Diwali celebrations this year

October 2016 is the month of festivities in India; the festivals of Navaratri and Diwali will turn up the celebrations. Visits to the houses of relatives and friends, delicious food, sweets, new dresses and a trip together with family and friends are sure to make this fiesta an evergreen memory. Regardless of the various seasons, Kerala is one of the destinations that attract many with her charm. Make this festival season memorable with a trip to Kerala; the Puja - Diwali Kerala holiday tour package from Leisure Tours would be the right choice.

Worshipping divine mother Durga - Navaratri

Pooja Holiday Tour Packages

Navaratri is the festival during which the nine forms of the Hindu Deity 'Durga' are worshipped on each day. The word Navaratri means nine nights in Sanskrit ('Nava' meaning nine and 'Ratri' meaning night). The tenth day of the festival is known as Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra (Dasera). The festival is an important one and is celebrated all throughout India and Nepal.

In the Southern Parts of India; in Tamil Nadu, on the ninth day of Navaratri , i.e., on the day of Mahanavami, Saraswathi Puja and Ayudha Puja are performed. All books, musical instruments and work tools are kept before the Goddess Saraswathi (the Goddess of knowledge) and special religious rituals (Poojas) are performed by the temple priests. The books and other work instruments are taken back after Puja on Vijaya Dashami (the tenth day); on which students resume their studies afresh. The day is considered auspicious to initiate learning and is known as popularly known as 'Vidyarambham'.

Also in Kerala and some parts of Karnataka, Saraswathi Puja is performed on three days; mainly on Ashtami, Navami and Vijaya Dashami. During these days all the books are placed in one's own house or temples for Puja and are taken out on Vijaya Dashami after worshiping Goddess Saraswathi. In the state of Kerala too, the day is considered auspicious initiating studies and is known as Vidyarambham.

The festival of lights - Diwali

Diwali kerala Holiday Tour Packages

Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Dussehra and significantly marks the victory of good over evil. The festival is of great importance among the Hindus in India and is celebrated with pomp. The houses are decorated with lamps, people wear new dresses participate in the family Puja, enjoy the fireworks, exchange gifts and sweets. The Pooja is performed worshipping Lakshmi, the Goddess of fertility and prosperity.

The Pooja and Diwali festivals fall in the month of October; with Navaratri being celebrated from October 1, 2016 to October 10, 2016 and, Diwali on October 30, 2016. Make this Pooja – Diwali holidays memorable with a trip to Kerala with the Pooja – Diwali Kerala holiday package . The major destinations covered in this tour package are Cochin, Munnar and Alleppey.

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