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A journey through the depths and
expanses of God’s Own Country

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Explore Kerala

One of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, come visit the tranquility and peaceful backdrop of heaven’s true abode.

Kerala at a glance

Kerala brings to mind a romantic imagery of ethereal backwaters, stunning visuals of Theyyam, Kalaripayttu, and the performing arts like Kathakali, Mohniyattom and what not. With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats standing tall in the east,networked by 44 rivers ,the unique geographical position enjoyed by Kerala has made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. With a favorable tropical climate, a long shoreline with truly frolicking beaches, magnificent backwaters , beautiful hill stations and truly exotic wildlife .Kerala ;a paradise for its visitors and is befitting of the title-God’s Own Country.

Kerala is a true paradise, and without doubt is one of the truly exotic holiday destinations that South India can offer you. As mentioned above, it offers you any kind of holiday you’re looking for. From trekking atop hillocks to romantic walks on beaches to relaxing at a hill station to munching on locally available cuisine. You name it, Kerala offers it to you, readily! It’s a scenic beauty in its own right. With mystical art forms and performing arts,sprawling plantations and paddy fields, it will take your breath away. It offers you a unique experience unlike any you’ve had so far, and each of these destinations is just a drive or two away from the other. Kerala is of course one of the most advances societies in the country with a world class health care systems, proved right by the large number of people who seek its Ayurveda legacy every year, a hundred percent literacy rate, and the biggest advantage of all, it is peaceful, pristine and is the cleanest state in the country!

Kerala enjoys diverse geographical features like the great Western Ghats of the east, more than 44 rivers, the Arabian Sea in the west and a flora and fauna that is unique to this paradise of us . Kerala includes three geographical regions, the highlands from the Western Ghats on the Midlands of surging hills and valleys into a coastline that remains unbroken that also has pristine backwaters that are interconnected by canals and rivers. This lovely state IS blessed with a pleasant and equable climate throughout the year and is a tropical land with the coast that runs down its entire length with the Great Ghats which form a protective barrier against the dry winds from the north. The monsoons from June to November and the summer from February to May are the notable seasons here.

Kerala, as mentioned earlier is one of the most progressive states in terms of the quality of life of the people and the social welfare. With such a vibrant people, it is hardly surprising that the history of this lovely state is linked to its commerce which has revolved around spice trade for a long time. Kerala been Celebrated as the Spice Coast of the country, the ancestors were host to a large number of travelers and traders from across the world that included traders from Britian ,France ,Greece, Rome, Arabia,China Portugal and Holland .Almost all of them have left their indelible mark on the rich and vibrant culture that we enjoy in this unique and endearing state that lies in the southwestern part of the country.Plan your tour in Kerala with our Kerala Tour Packages or Kerala holiday packages