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Paniyeli Poru, the heaven of excitement

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Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru, the heaven of excitement

It was my dream to explore some place which occupies a unique place in the in tourism map of God’s own country. So that I have listed a number of destinations which comes under the category of my preferences. I was looking a destination, which is away from the din and drizzle of the city, a place which is bonded with nature, a place where i can enjoy the blessings of nature at its extreme, a place which is least ruined by the human aggression, a place where I can breathe pure air, a place which is eco friendly and where I can do much fun. When I considered all these wants, there won’t be any other option than the beautiful Paniyeli Poru, a marvellous place near Perumbavoor of Cochin.

Paniyeli Poru, the name itself has a beauty. A beauty which is hidden in deep. It was my first trip to Paniyeli Poru, which was recommended by my best friend, who is hard core traveller. At first time, when I heard about Paniyeli Poru, it didn’t influence me much as it is a waterfall like any other waterfalls I visited. But, when I reached at Poru, i felt really pity about my prejudices on this marvellous place. When we reach at this place, at glance we will get paused, thinking about from where to start.

The enchanting beauty of Poru

The beautiful milky waterfall at Paniyeli Poru, would allure you even from a long distance; beautiful river with eloquent streams of water will wash away the sadness in you. It is nice feeling to sit near the beginning of water fall. Even though, it is not that much high, people visits this place will like the view of crowded trees, variety of flora and fauna and of course the milky stream flowing in between. The pebbles here will surpass the charm of precious stones. Those who want to have a cold bath can enjoy here. Any traveller visiting this beautiful place will not get worried about what to see and what to enjoy here. So, you can believe my words and fix your next trip to Paniyeli Poru an untouched picnic spot on the outskirts of Cochin.

The green forests and the white milky stream are the main attraction of Poru. This unique destination is located on the shore of river Periyar, which means the large river. Paniyeli Poru is nourished by the presence of river Periyar. This river flows between Malayattoor in the north and Paniyeli in the southern side. The destination has obtained its name from the habit fight of raftsmen with the wild waves of the river. Many tourists are spending their vocation at this place only to enjoy the beauty, serenity, and calm atmosphere on the banks of river Periyar. This large and beautiful river is a best source of many aquatics flora and fauna and the river also offers one with a panoramic view of this pristine spot. Another attraction near of Paniyeli poru, is the presence of bamboo forests. Bamboo forests are in plenty here. Earlier bamboos were cut and tied as logs to form a raft. The raftsmen who brought these bamboos to Malayattoor town and other places through the river transport had to battle the tough waves of the river. And because of this, this place got its name from poru, the mother toungue, Malayalam word which means struggle. Every day hundreds of tourists visit this place. Even though it has many travellers, the place keeps its self pretty and beautiful. If you are on your honeymoon trip, I would like to offer you a visit to Paniyeli Poru, as this place is quite good to enhance the romance in you.

Other attractions

The lush green vegetation around Paniyeli Poru is abode to numerous species of birds and animals and assures an exotic experience to all visitors. Thus this place is also a best destination for bird watchers.

The chirping and twittering of birds, the melody of cuckoos and the music of the waterfalls all blend to compose a harmony that can bring happiness in everyone. The sight of River Periyar winding its path along the dense forests is truly amazing. Those who want to explore beauty of Periyar can go for a boat ride here. But sad news for adventure travellers, that swimming is strictly prohibited in many parts of the river. The black rocks scattered in Periyar river also gives a Polka dots like look.

And, this place is a paradise for those who are into photography. For the hard core travel as well as nature photographers, Paniyeli Poru is a not-to-be-missed destination. The camera will be much happy to capture the views here like, The canopy of trees, warbling birds, manna - like water etc.. You will surely be tempted to recapture all the wondrous things in several frames.

Trekking is the another much excited thing waiting here. Trekking for 20 kms from Poru to Bhoothathankettu along the river side, through the opaque forest, is given here for the tourists and it will take more than 5 hours. If you are dare to go for a challenging trekking, local guides will follow you for the entire journey.

Paniyeli poru is one among the top ten must watch eco friendly destinations of Kerala. This place is fast growing in the tourism map and becoming a favourite of not only tourists but also of filmmakers. It was the location for many Malayalam movies and songs. So much fun and excitement is waiting here for the travellers.

When to Visit

Paniyeli Poru, is advised to visit during mid - November to May , because during this period the water level will be lesser and flow will be comparatively low, revealing the rocks and whirlpools. Even though, Paniyeli Poru looks much attractive in Monsoon, people are not allowed to visit this place due to safety reasons. This tourist destination is under the control of Kerala State Forest Department,and one can enter this place by taking a pass costing a nominal fees.

How to reach at Paniyeli Poru

  • Paniyeli Poru is merely 20 kms away from Perumbavoor and 35 km from Aluva where one will get moderate lodgings.

  • Nearest Railway Station: Aluva, about 35 km

  • Cochin International is the nearest airport which is about 35 kms aways from Paniyeli Poru

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