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Valparai – A Lifetime worth,journey of Sanctity and Natural Beauty

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Valparai Tour

Top 7 Places one definitely shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Valapari

Certain places are destined to be seen in one’s lifetime. While some hold importance for their historical importance, some others rise above the rest in terms of their sanctity and natural beauty.

Valparai, a hill station located in the Annamalai Hill Range of the Western Ghats holds intact its natural beauty to this day. Located at a height of 3500ft above the sea level, the route towards it is a haven for bikers and travelers, adorned with tea estates and waterfalls at intervals. For the daring few who would love to explore the off-beat paths, the route and the destination itself holds various other surprises.

Situated 64km from the nearest town of Pollachi, a 100km from Coimbatore and nearly 140km from Kochi, the Pollachi route is the most travelled one. Adorned with 40 mesmerizing hairpin bends, the 10th hairpin bend hosts the Loam Point which gives a perfect view of the Aliyar Dam, situated 28km from Pollachi. Further along the path, the 32nd hairpin bend lays foundation to the statue of G. A. Carver Marsh, a planter credited with the opening up of the Anamallai range in the mid-19th century and perhaps one of the first to bring tea to the Nilgiris.

Though there are lots to explore in and near Valparai, we decided to shorten our list to the Top 7 places one definitely shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Valaparai

Aliyar Dam

The Aliyar Dam is located on the Aliyar River, 28 km up the path to Valparai from Pollachi. Commissioned in 2002 to generate hydro-electrity, the vicinity of the dam offers some ideal getaway spots including a park, garden, aquarium and play area.

Nirar Dam

Scenic-ly situated in the midst of a forest, the drive towards the Nirar Dam itself is worth the trip. Situated 15km away from Valparai, it is set in the dense Manoboly forest with the Oosimalai peak in the backgrounds

Balaji Temple

As the name suggests, the reigning deity here is Tirupati Balaji. The temple is privately built and maintained by the Peria Karamalai Tea Plantations and is approximately 7km from Valparai. Vehicles have been prohibited access into the temple compounds hence one needs to walk a distance of 1km amidst the tea plantations to reach the temple

Photography is prohibited. The temple remains closed between 12:30-3pm.

Karamalai Annai Velankanni Church

Constructed in 2003, the church is dedicated to Velankanni Matha. Located around 10km away from Valparai, the surrounding areas of the church are a real treat to the eyes with various streams and an abundance of greenery adding to the beauty of the waterfalls right across the church.

The annual festival of the church takes place each year on September 08.

Monkey Falls

Located 2km from the Aliyar Dam en-route to Valparai, the Monkey Falls is a road-side affair for all travelers. Though the slippery rocks pose a risk, with care the experience is a real treat.

The falls are open to public for a nominal fee. The only thing to be taken care of is to ensure that no food packets are stolen by the monkeys, while you enjoy your shower.

Chitti Vinayagara Temple

The temple is owned by Jayashree Tea Industries and is located in a plantation, surrounded by the peace and serendipity of nature. Located 3km from Valparai, it has resemblance to the Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai, with the idol carved out of a single block of granite

Sholayar Dam

Located about 30km from Valparai and built on the Chalakudy river, the Sholayar Dam is situated on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

One of the longest dams in Asia, it boasts of two reservoirs – Upper Sholayar and Lower Sholayar.

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