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About Us

At Leisure Tours, we believe travel is embedded in the rhythm of everyone’s heartbeat. Wanderlust ourselves, we truly understand the needs and likes of a free soul. Rather than combining a travel plan to the “always-see” destinations, we indulge in engaging you with the experience – with us, you are a true traveler; not just a tourist.

What we are

Travel is not business. It is about exploring – places, adventures, lives and in the process, our very own soul.

We aren’t your usual “down-the-turn” travel agency to provide you with age-old repetitive brochures on the places to travel. Instead, we are your fellow travelers; fellow backpackers who tighten their travel boots and start off on numerous journeys to ensure that it’s not just a map you hold in your hand when you set off. But rather, a key to a box that opens up a bundle of experiences to be cherished for a lifetime.

Every time we create a travel package for you, it’s with the understanding that a mind stretched and moulded with travel experience, can never go back to old dimensions and instead, starts living anew.

Leisure Tours is the brainchild of Ms Anu Jubin, a post-graduate Masters in Tourism from theprestigious Oxford College Bangalore. Starting off Leisure Tours in 2007 with just one staff,today the company has grown to a strong team of 14 odd people, each of whom has a passion for the travel industry. With a cohesive bunch of people, from travel planners to even travel bloggers, Leisure Tours has a proud history of taking their work very seriously and instilling in all their team members the spirit to go beyond their callings and always provide something extra to every client they interact with.

Why Choose Us


Happy Clients

There are million reasons, but we can give you

If stating the fact that we are a 8 year old Travel Firm, one of the first Kerala vendors for & Must See India and that we have served over 8500 clients in this time period with over 70% repetitive clientele, doesn’t impress you, maybe the experiences we offer you, will.

One of the first Travel Firms in Kerala to provide tailored packages for South Indian Tours, Leisure Tours and completely customized Special Tours, we have a proud history of 100% satisfied clientele over all the 8 years, as our Testimonials showcase.

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Completing her Masters In Tourism From Oxford College, Bangalore in 2004, Ms Anu joined the ranks of Travel Bazaar shortly thereafter and within months was made head of various Branch Tour Divisions and handled National & International Tour Packages with ease. After her marriage she shifted to God’s Own Country wherein she was asked to handle the complete Kerala Division for the same company.

As she gained further experience in the industry and became a well-known Travel Planner, she decided to jump the bandwagon and enter Entrepreneurship. Thus, in 2007, was born Leisure Tours.

In recognition of her immensely adept services, her clientele increased and she came to be appointed the Kerala Vendor for and later for Must See India, Holiday Express, True Value Holidays and Graceland Holidays, to name a few.

Married to Mr Jubin Mathew, she has two cutie pies in her household – 8 year old Eva and 2 year old Yeldo. It needs to be specially mentioned that the tremendous support shown to her by her family has been one of the standing pillars of success of Leisure Tours. This, coupled with the strong vision and determination on her part to change the face of Travel and Tourism in Kerala, has resulted in Leisure Tours’ success in all these years and paved the way for it to become a trusted name in the Industry.