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For those who love to travel, every moment is the perfect moment to start off. And before you take a step into the world unknown, through our Travel Blog, we give you a sneak-peek into what lies ahead

A Brief Up on Leisure Tours Holiday Tour Packages

Travelling around is the best way to explore the world; the different places, its cultures, traditions, food habits, languages and so on - the different kinds of lifestyle on this blue planet. For one who is wanderlust, travelling is the flame that fires-up his spirit! And, it is this passion to explore that boosts up Leisure Tours. Being wanderlusts ourselves, our mission is to help all those travellers achieve their travel dreams.

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Onam - The Colourful Fiesta of Kerala

Onam brings in the hearts of every Keralite a feeling of togetherness and happiness. With time though the ways in which this festival is celebrated have changed, this is still one of the ancient festivals that has survived, till today. Though, Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala, it is renowned as the time when King Mahabali visits Kerala from the underworld (Pathala).

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Here Comes Festivals; Let’s Begin the Celebration

The months of September and October this year are the months of major festivals like the ‘Onam’ festival in Kerala (September) and ‘Pooja’ and ‘Diwali’ (October); and so, it’s time for the celebrations to begin. Most of the celebrations in India are carried out with pomp and colour. In case, of splendour these festivals do have their own significance. Let’s check them out!

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Pooja and Diwali – Major Festivals in India

October 2016 is the month of festivities in India; the festivals of Navaratri and Diwali will turn up the celebrations. Visits to the houses of relatives and friends, delicious food, sweets, new dresses and a trip together with family and friends are sure to make this fiesta an evergreen memory. Regardless of the various seasons, Kerala is one of the destinations that attract many with her charm. Make this festival season memorable with a trip to Kerala; the Puja - Diwali Kerala holiday tour package from Leisure Tours would be the right choice.

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The Majestic North

India, a country that saw the rule of many dynasties, different kings to even the British Lords has a numerous number of historical monuments, forts and palaces that signify a glorious past. These remainders built during a time when technology wasn't so sound stands competent to modern architecture. There are many such majestic forts and palaces in the northern parts of India that now have their place among the must-see tourist destination list.

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A Guide to help you plan your Kerala holidays

“Are you planing your holidays at Kerala? Here is a Guide to help you plan your Kerala holiday.

Well-renowned for its natural beauty, culture and traditions, Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destination and welcomes tourists throughout the year. During every season, Kerala has something special to offer. Planning a Kerala holiday does not entirely depend on the seasonal conditions of the place; but also, on other factors like one’s budget and personal preferences. Well, this article will guide you through the different experiences you can obtain during the different seasons – which would in turn help you plan better for your holidays in Kerala, the God’s own country! Let’s now plan holidays in Kerala.

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Trip to Kerala

“I“Ever spent your holidays at Kerala? If you haven’t, here’s a list of all the things you have missed. Kerala, known as the “God’s own country” and also the “land of spices” has its name engraved on stone as a famous tourist spot- rich for its culture, traditions, festivals and of course- food. This amazing state in India has 14 districts- each one special and famous in its own unique way. Let’s now enjoy this brief Kerala trip.

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Kerala Monsoon Tourism

“It’s raining; it’s Pouring. The old man is snoring…” goes the famous English nursery rhyme. The monsoons are often a time wherein people prefer to stay indoors. But, this is definitely the time to pack your bags and go on a holiday to Kerala. Kerala, one of the famous tourist destinations receives its monsoon showers during the months of June and July.

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Places You Must Visit in South India on Your Honeymoon

Blessed abundantly by nature with fast flowing rivers, green forests, picturesque backwaters, cool hill stations and sun-kissed beaches, South India offer the perfect location to strengthen that eternal bond of love. Each location has uniqueness of its own to add up the significance of the occasion; for a fresh new start.

The most favoured honeymoon destinations in South India that top the chart are: Kodaikanal, Araku Valley, Coorg, Nandi Hills, Kabini, Ooty, Yercaud, Munnar, Coonoor, Alleppey.

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Top 10 places in Kerala to visit on Your Honeymoon

The God’s own country offers the apt location for that perfect moment– your honeymoon. With lavish greenery, hill stations and serene backwaters, Kerala provides scenic natural beauty that will add up the beauty of the occasion and make it a memory to be cherished for a lifetime.

The top most-favoured honeymoon places in Kerala are Munnar, Alleppey, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Athirappally, Nelliyampathi, Vagamon, Poovar, Kovalam, Ponmudi.

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A glance through major Kerala Tour Packages

The misty and cool hill stations, scenic backwaters, Sun-kissed beaches, the roaring milky waterfalls and the lush green landscapes, which make Kerala the ‘God’s own country’ have fantasied all. With many places to visit, this state in India has been attracting tourists from all over the world from a long time.

Leisure Tours provides a wide range of Kerala tour packages that help one to explore Kerala at its best. With neatly designed itineraries the various Kerala Tour Packages offer a pool of choices from which one can choose the tour package that best suits his interests.

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7 Awesome Reasons to Visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A group of islands covering a total area of 7,950 sq kilometers, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a wild exotic escape for everyone who needs a break in life. Despite the horrid reputation during the colonial period, the islands are one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India that attracts doting couples to newbie love-birds, solo travellers to families, students to veterans alike. There are good reasons for it, too. Sun: check; Sand: check; Beaches: check; Snorkelling: check; Scuba diving: check; lazing around: check – it is a bit like paradise. Better still, all of those things are considerably cheaper than other incredibly expensive beach destinations. Here are 10 excellent reasons why you should seriously consider the Andamans as your next travel destination.

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Top 7 Places one definitely shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Valparai

Certain places are destined to be seen in one’s lifetime. While some hold importance for their historical importance, some others rise above the rest in terms of their sanctity and natural beauty.

Valparai, a hill station located in the Annamalai Hill Range of the Western Ghats holds intact its natural beauty to this day. Located at a height of 3500ft above the sea level, the route towards it is a haven for bikers and travelers, adorned with tea estates and waterfalls at intervals. For the daring few who would love to explore the off-beat paths, the route and the destination itself holds various other surprises.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Vagamon

The Scotland of India – is how The National Geographic has defined Vagamon, listing it as one of the Top 50 Must-See places in India. Still in its nascent stages of touching up to modernization, the sleepy little town situated on the Kottayam-Idukki border is lush green with tea estates and pine forests, with the scintillating mists and the long laying meadows adding the sparkle of life to its silent atmosphere.

At a Height of 1100m above sea level , Vagamon is 39km from Thodupuzha, 33km from Palai and 65km from Kottayam (nearest railway Station) with Cochin International Airport 97km away the nearest airport

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Major 10 Places You Should Never Miss Out in Thekkady

Easily the pride of Kerala, especially since it homes the Periyar National Park, Thekkadi is one of those places very close to the heart of a Malayali - one that captures the true essence of Kerala. For out-state or international travelers, one visit to Thekkady alone would provide you an almost comprehensive experience of what God’s Own Country is all about.

Located 257km from Trivandrum and 145km from Cochin, Thekkadi lies close to the Kerala- Tamil Nadu border. The Periyar Forest Reserve of Thekkady is one of the finest wildlife reserves in India.

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10 Space Saving Hacks to Make More Room in Your Travel Pack

Save space by rolling clothes instead of folding them

Stuff socks and other small items inside your packed shoes

Safeguard breakable items by stuffing them in socks

Store your charger and USB cables in an old Sunglass case

Use plastic wrap to prevent leakage of liquids

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Tribal circuit, Wayanad

The life of human is not just about busy city life and high perk jobs, it becomes more fruitful, when they get a chance to explore the world, and travel is the only thing that can stuff human with experiences and valuable knowledge. So, being a hard core lover of travel, I always insist you to never miss a chance to travel and explore the unknown places. Here I would like to share you my experience in exploring Wayanad’s, not much known, but the traditional tribal circuit.

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Hill Palace, Tripunithura

Visiting , a place with historical importance and unique features will definitely drive one crazy about their past. The rich culture and heritage that we own was really informative. When you considers all these aspect at the time of preparing for a day out, don't skip the name, Hill Palace, it has lots to tell you

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Kodanad, the abode of elephants

We may familiar with elephants in our state. Especially in temple festivals. They seem, calm and innocent while performing temple rituals. We may also familiar with elephants in jungle, the wild elephants. Have your even thought that, how the aggressive wild elephants turns to the obeying domestic elephant that we used to see in temple festivals? If not, let’s head on to Kodanad, the popular anakkalari (Elephant Sanctuary) in Kerala. It narrates the journey of a wild elephant to a domestic one.

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Paniyeli Poru, the heaven of excitement

It was my dream to explore some place which occupies a unique place in the in tourism map of God’s own country. So that I have listed a number of destinations which comes under the category of my preferences. I was looking a destination, which is away from the din and drizzle of the city, a place which is bonded with nature, a place where i can enjoy the blessings of nature at its extreme, a place which is least ruined by the human aggression, a place where I can breathe pure air, a place which is eco friendly and where I can do much fun. When I considered all these wants, there won’t be any other option than the beautiful Paniyeli Poru, a marvellous place near Perumbavoor of Cochin.

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Muzhappilangad ,The beach that drives you crazy

Travelling has been always a passion for me. I would like to known as a traveler rather than a tourist, who comes to one place and goes to another with some photos and selfies in hand. For me, travelling is something that leaves information and some good memories of the place I visited. For me, its not the photos and selfies that matters. I always take care of the experiences that I gains in each travel. When i consider this outlook of mine, I can say that my last month’s trip to Muzhappilangad, the longest drive in beach in India is something really great.

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