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Waterfalls of Kerala

Ethereal waterfalls of Kerala

The forests of Kerala are scattered with small and large streams which merge to form luscious waterfalls. The serenade made by the sound of the flowing stream certainly adds to its charm and make you want stand there for hours, gazing at the beauty of the waterfalls. A visit to these waterfalls is the kind of holiday you would definitely love, irrespective of whether you prefer adventure sports or a quiet and peaceful time with your loved ones.

Athirappilly Waterfalls

Visiting Athirappilly Waterfalls, located almost 47 km away from Thrissur is an experience straight out of a fairy story. You need to be prepared to have your breath stolen away by the stunning beauty of the falls. What makes it even more special is the fact that it’s the highest waterfall in the state and the sight and the sound of the water plunging down the hill is most likely to be music to your ears. It would evoke a deep sense of wildness in you because there’s a chance you may never have seen something as stunning and as beautiful as this. The water that flows from the fringes of the Sholayar forest then joins the Chalakudy River. Don’t forget to check out Vazhachal while you’re there. Just a short drive from Athirapally, Vazhachal is close to the dense forests that are home to a number of endangered and endemic species of both flora and fauna. This is the only place in the entire stretch of Western Ghats where one can see the four endangered species of Hornbills.

Palaruvi or ‘the stream of milk

Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, Palaruvi which means ‘the stream of milk’ is the 40th highest waterfalls in the country. The natural beauty of this stunning waterfall attracts a number of picnickers every year. The challenging part of it all is a trek through dense forests before you can actually reach there and of course, the experience it offers is quite memorable. The name ‘Palaruvi’ originated from the misty white color for the falling water. The journey to the falls is truly a memorable experience that you’re not likely to forget in a hurry. Being a popular picnic spot, the PWD inspection Bungalow and the KTDC motel nearby offers visitors a comfortable stay. The scenic beauty of the place is complete with the mist laden blue hills and the green valley surrounding the falls and the sound of the falls lends a beautiful sound around the tranquil forest region making your trip truly remarkable

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

A journey of nearly 50 km from Calicut gets you to the Thusharagiri Waterfalls. The name Thusaragiri means ‘snowy peak’ or ‘snowcapped mountains.’ The waterfalls resemble snow spraying down when it originates from the Western Ghats. Keen on checking out the origin of the waterfalls? Then you get to go on a 5 km trek uphill, and that’s possible only if you are physically up for it. Of course, the entire trek is truly worthwhile once you catch the first glimpse of the shimmering waters when the sparkling sunrays are caught on it. The sight is truly magical and peaceful. You find that the long hike you had to go through is truly worth it once you reach the beautiful waterfalls. The plantation destination is abound in rubber, arecanut, pepper, ginger and spices and you can also see some truly remarkable sights like exotic birds and animals as you traverse around it

Meenmutty Waterfalls

Meenmutty Waterfalls comprises a 2 km jungle trek that leads you into the largest and perhaps one of the most splendid waterfalls in Wayanad. One of the most interesting aspects of Meenmutty is that the water drops from a whopping 1000 feet in three stages, as a result of which it gives off triple decker effect. The waterfalls are truly spectacular to look at and all around you, you get to enjoy the million shades of green within the thick and dense forests and beautiful valleys. The waterfalls capture the beauty of the sun in its full essence and when it cascaded down to the earth through the rocks, it gives out a vision of elegance and remarkable beauty