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Fascinating hills Of Gods Own Country

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Kerala Hill Stations

Romancing the hill stations of Kerala

Tell someone you know that you’re thinking of a honeymoon in a lovely hill station in ‘God’s Own Country and they would probably tell you that it’s a bad idea or stare at you in shock. It’s really not their fault, you see. Kerala is best known for its The primeval beaches, the magnificent backwaters of Alleppey and the trekking trips that Thekkady offers you. You would be a little surprised to learn state also offers you one of the most beautiful hill stations in South India. The high ranges of the Western Ghats along the eastern edge of the state is home to Windy roads, thick forests, a rich biodiversity and is also identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The much desirable spices and therapeutic herbs of Kerala can be found along these hills. Other activities like mountaineering, trekking and bird watching are also other activities you could indulge in at the untouched splendor that is the Western Ghats.


Wayanad is the perfect place for capturing the scenic beauty of the great Ghats. The picturesque drive through the hill highway, passing almost 9 hairpin bends of the Thamaraserry Ghat is what it took for us to reach there. Behold these hills with wonder, for they house some of the oldest tribes as yet untouched to civilization within them. Mother Nature spreads her canvas splendidly with aromatic spice gardens, thickly carpeted greenery all around you, wildlife, waterfalls and much more to keep you engaged. Of course, the adventure sport that Wayanad offered us was enough for to make any sport enthusiast to grab any opportunity for a trek. Sporting opportunities like camping, bamboo rafting, trekking and cycling was plenty there and it was a great way to burn some calories. Edakkal

For the history buff, the range of experiences at the surreal Edakkal Caves is something to write home about and get remarkably mesmerized by the sheer genius of the ancient men and women who had left their indelible mark on these caves. Romance is never far behind on a honeymoon journey and a candlelight dinner at the natural cave restaurant seemed to be a fitting end to that chapter in Wayanad


The journey to Neliampathy beings when you drive from Nenmara and just half an hour away from there would be the Pothundi Mud Dam. The splendid scenery from the dam was something one wouldn’t forget in your life .The calm breeze, the gentle air, everything about it was perfect. There isn’t too much adrenaline pumping action about the place and you get to pick a handful of activities to do. Neliampathy is perfect if you’re planning a romantic walk, a peaceful trip with just your beloved for company and that is what it gave me. I was quite thrilled with the tranquility of the place. TheManalaru Estate is the highest yielding tea estate in the country and it is located within the boundaries of this wonderful place. You can get to see rows and rows ofdelicious orange farms, and plenty of vegetables as well, freshly harvested to boot. The cliff views offer you something that you may not have seen if you’re new to the place, it’s a chance to view at least a third of Palakkad.

There is a lot to see and absorb if you’re the one for scenic beauty. Neliampathy has everything that any hill station can offer you, from the sprawling estates, to fresh vegetables, fruits and the perfect weather. But it doesn’t have crowds, and therein lays its charm. You find yourself attracted to this spot, far removed from the hustle bustle of daily life. Located south of Palakkad, the hill station is locally referred to as ‘the poor man’s Ooty’. Neliampathy is a perfect spot for people who really prefer the calm and quiet holiday and it puts a smile to your face


It’s a mountain of heritage as the famous destination for three hills especially important to the three major faiths in Kerala; Hinduism, Chrisitanity and Islam. The destination offers a pilgrimage at the Kurushumala for Christians, the Murugan Mala is a pilgrimage destination for Hindus and the Thangalpara is an Islamic religious site. For the rest, those who would rather revel in the sheer beauty of the place, Vagamon is known for the splendid rolling hills, the magnificent tea plantations, pine forests, the famed trekking paths and the factories. The best time to visit Vagamon is in March when the international paragliding festival is conducted here.

The place just comes alive with paragliding enthusiasts from across the globe partaking in the event, the place just comes alive.The outskirts of Vagamon is famous for the origin of the Meenachil River whoch was made famous in Booker Prize winning novelist Arundathi Roy’s famous book, ‘The God of Small Things.’ A joyous and relaxing holiday in Vagamon offers you a journey to a less explored but a naturally blessed landscape. Don’t forget to step into this beauty of a destination if what you’re looking for is a quiet hill holiday without crowds. Of course, don’t be surprised to see a film crew here either, because Vagamon is also a well known shooting spot for movies.


Check out the Thenmala Ecotourism project while you’re at the southern part of the state. Located at a distance of 2 hours by road from either Kollam or Thiruvananthapuram. At a height of 500 m above sea level, the ecotourism project is certainly something to look at. Thenmala’s natural canvas of flora and fauna along with vast tracts of forests attract adventure sport lovers and nature lovers from far and near with equal zest. Thenmala, when translated to Malayalam means ‘honey hills’. It’s a destination where you find that minimum damage has been done to the fragile ecosystem of the place

Of course, if you’re into wild sports who needs his/her dose of excitement, you could try walking a sway bridge, do a river crossing or even go mountain biking. The musical fountain trip gives you a chance to spend some quality time with your family. You could also befriend a deer or visit the sculpture garden if you’re into some peace and quiet. If you’re into astrology and keep close tabs on your horoscope, then you could try purchasing a sapling which is relevant to your birth star at the Nakshatravanam there. Of course, make sure you don’t miss out on the elevated walkway either.

Mystifying Munnar

No hill station trip in Kerala is ever complete if you don’t take a trip to Munnar, perhaps one of the most beautiful hill stations in Southern India. It’s a spot where you may await to see in a fantasy or a fairy story. The majestic hills of Munnar are nothing short of the icing on the cake for the die-hard romantic who would feel this is something like Disneyland for them. The hill station leaves a sort of colonial legacy, a landscape that is adorned with regal tea estates, all to satiate the British Empire’s appetite for tea. At approximately 1600 m above sea level, the endless tea gardens, boat cruises and eternal spots like echo point are exactly the kind of holiday you wish to come for.

Munnar is the ideal honeymoon spot for you, its magical, the weather is so perfect that you wish you could stay here throughout the year and it doesn’t hurt that you could wake up to the heart-tugging sight of the emerald carpeted tea estates all around you.

Eravikulam National Park

There’s plenty to trek. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing out on your breath or frown at the difficulty of it all because you really will be stunned speechless at the beautiful sight of the splendid scenery all around you. The rajamalai hills where the park is located is also home to the gentle Nilgiri Tahr, that is protected by law and is seen exclusively at Eravikulam. Seeing these gentle creatrures in their natural habitat is a different experience. The Neelakurunji Park, which is home to the rare blossom, the neelakurunji which blooms only once in 12 years is a spot you can’t afford to missOther sightseeing destinations like Mattupetty where you can get a glimpse of the famed cattle and poultry breeding industry and the Mattupetty Dam where you can indulge in some boating and of coruse souvenier shopping are also a boost. And thus, armed with homemade chocolates and carrots, freshly available vegetables and fruits for the kitchen back Home. Echo point and of course photo point, where one couldn’t resist on clicking ferociously with camera. You could also check out the honeybee tree museum, the blossom park or the spice plantations as well.

As long as you’re in Munnar, you just need to drop off for a quick trip at beautiful Marayoor, located almost 40 km away from the hill station. It’s a scenic spot with two renowned pre-historic sites as well as a sandalwood forest and vast sugarcane farms known for the delicious solid molasses. You cannot miss out the ‘Muniyara, an impressive pre-historic site here beloved for those in love with history, archaeology and anthropology. And another popular site is the Ezuthupara, a prehistoric site located within the Marayoor Forest Range where you can spot cave paintings. Such paintings have not been spotted anywhere else in the state and the site has been declared a protected monument by the State Archaeological Department


A trip to Munnar is also not complete without a mention about Kolukkumalai, widely regarded as one of the highest altitude tea gardens in the country. Of course, you need to brace yourself for the bumpiest ride of your life, and make sure that your vehicle is up to the ride because the road is extremely bumpy. But once you’re past thenastiness of it all, you come to know that the ride was actually worth your time. What makes it even more exceptional is that you get to experience the rare opportunity of being in two places at once. On one side of the road you realize you’re at the Kerala border and the other side is Tamil Nadu . Of course, if you want to see any spots around you, you need to be there at approximately 12.00 noon. It will blind you.

If you’re lucky nature would also give you the chance to experience one of the most beautiful rainbows you’ve ever seen, and if you do, it makes you appreciate nature’s marvels on a completely another level. The exciting part of your trip could be the chance to visit the oldest tea factory in Asia, that still uses Scottish machinery of the ancient eras, and experience as you take a stroll around. the sunrise and the sunset from here is beauty personified on a completely different plane and you find yourself he scent of different tea combinations back home and you will love brewing it because the tea here has aspeical aroma owing to its high altitude. Be prepared for the ethereal mists whch tease you with the spectacular scenic backdrop that takes your breath away. The place, accessible only by jeeps is located approximately 38 kms away from Munnar. Plan a trip to kerala hill stations with our Kerala hill station tour packages by Munnar tour operators