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The Merrymakers of Kerala -Its festivals

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Festivals of Kerala

Festivals of Kerala

There are many things that make Kerala a true paradise on earth as do the many number of festivals that this beautiful state celebrates. Of course, when talking about festivals of Kerala,and we don’t just mean Onam, Vishu and Christmas, but the many temple festivals, and the snake boat races that the state has. When talking about festivals of Kerala, there’s really no way that we can leave out Onam.


It is a time when floral carpets are decked, revelry goes all around and there is a general feeling of contentment in the air as the pall of gloom after the monsoon goes away. Of course, Onam is always followed through by Vishu in April and while there are a number of other festivities in between, no celebration in Kerala is complete without talk of Vishu, the harvest festival held during the peak of summer, with crackers bursting, cassia in full bloom in time for the Vishu Kanni and for glorious food!

Thrissur Pooram

It’s not just the harvest festivals that make Kerala so exotic for travellers, temple festivals and poorams are another attraction for newcomers to the state. Of course, the most famous of poorams is without a doubt, the Thrissur Pooram held in April May. With 15 pachyderms representing the two celebrated temples, the Thriuvambady and Parmekkavu decked up at the Thekkinkad Ground, what catches the eye besides these majestic elephants is the massive crowds that gather there, come rain or shine. It really is no wonder then, that the Thrissur Pooram has become the largest temple festival in Asia.

It really is a sight to behold and those who see it would revel in it. When talking about Poorams, and the biggest one of all, how can we avoid the one that really started it all, the Arattupuzha Poorma? The village located in Thrissur sees the Pooram, held at the Sree Sastha Temple every year and legend has it that even the gods and goddesses can’t but marvel at its grandeur. The festival sees visitors from all parts of the district and sometimes, even the state and the seven day festival sees its pinnacle held during the last two day where caparisoned elephants line up and you really can’t take your eyes away from it all. There are several other religious ceremonies held during these two days and one would have to say that it’s a thrilling sight to behold

Snake Boat Race

Boat racing, especially snake boat racing is quite an important event during the festival season and there are many that take the cake.. The Rajiv Gandhi Boat race and famed Nehru Trophy Boat Race, held at the Backwaters of Alappuzha are one of the most famous of snake boat races held in these backwaters Lovers of the sport also love to watch the Aranmula Valamkai held at the Pamba River, Pathanamthitta and the Champakulam Boat Race held at Champakulam, Alappuzha. With so much to delight visitors, its no wonder that Kerala remains a hot spot for tourists world over.