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Rollick Through the beaches of Kerala

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Beaches of Kerala

Frolicking the beaches of Kerala

They say that beaches have a charm and magnetism of their own. They can make any person fall in love with them, make them want to spend time on its shores, laughing, playing and basically bring out the inner child in them. And besides, you really never know how many friends you have until you rent a place by the beach. We love the beach, as it is the easiest way to cool off . Kerala being a coastal place, it has some of the truly spectacular beaches in the country,and like any other beach destination in the world, its claim to fame lies in the fascinating concept of yoga by the beach side and an Ayurveda rejuvenation in a setting as calm and serene as the beach. You won’t be able to understand its charm until you experience it for yourself.

Along the 550 km that makes up the coastline of the state, you do find some of the most beatuful beaches that offer you adrenaline pumping activity and also romantic beaches for those who prefer the peace and romantic setting of a moonlit walk, or listening to the rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the shores and of course nature’s bounty in the form of marvelous sunsets. Here are six remarkable beaches in Kerala that you must cross of your bucket list if you’re planning a holiday here

The Marari Beach

If you’re looking for the distinct beach experience that is centered on the life of an ethnic fishing village from Kerala, then do feel free to step into Marari Beach. Marari doesn’t have the setting of a typical crowded touristy beach in Kerala and that is exactly why you ought to check it out. It’s for those who prefer the quiet, and the idea of walking in a romantic setting by the setting sun. It has the slow pace of a traditional fishing village in the state. The Marari Experience is reserved for those who look forward to that peaceful place to unwind after a hectic week at work, those looking to soak up the tranquil of a deserted sandy beach and revel in the ethnic delights of the local fishing village. You can spend your holiday taking a stroll through the pristine sandy beach or even making a visit to the traditional coir making units here.

You could also explore the harmonious way of life of the fishing villages here and for the ultimate Kerala Experience, soak up in the trips through the Great Kerala Backwater canals. Don’t forget to grab a bite of some of the local seafood delights while exploring the backwaters. The best time to visit would be August when you can check out the snake boat races through these canals or even from September to March too. A bonus from your trip would be a stay at the Marari Beach Resort, modelled on the dwellings of the local fishing folk but with modern amenities.

Bekal Fort and Beach

Bekal Fort a 17th century edifice stands regally stoic amidst the legends of its battle worn history, nonchalant to the mighty waves that thrash around it. The beaches around Kerala’s largest and most well preserved fort is the place to be if you’re trying for some soul searching. It might actually help you as you take a swim when the waters are calm. The sunset view is probably one the best you would have seen. And it’s not often you get to capture a battle hardened fort in your beach sunset photos. You actually feel yourself becoming wildly imaginative and poetic as you stroll around the place. While the sunset view is inviting, there are fishing villages for you to take a look at and the cream of the lot would be the lack of packs and packs of tourists’ hording the place.

This is the kind of beach for the romantic in you. The facilities at this special tourism zone like rock gardens, aqua parks and walk ways with plenty of night lighting is a setting straight tout of your romantic dreams. Bekal also has some of the best luxury beach resorts in the state. You can plan a long holiday so as to explore the area and even mix it up as part of your North Kerala tour and drop in at Wayanad as well. The best time to visit is from September to March when the festival season is at its peak and the weather is inviting.

Varkala Beach

Picture this: A high rock laden cliff ends quite abruptly and a vast stretch of clear sands extends straight down to the sea. You stand right on that cliff, overlooking the sun that sinks into the majestic sea stretching in front of you. And this sunset you get to watch without someone trying to push you out of the way to get a better look of the place. It’s truly breathtaking and is guaranteed to blow your mind away. Varkala beach is for the adrenaline pumping action lovers. It’s a brilliant surfing destination for beginners owing to its warm waters and short waves. Paragliding off the cliffs, facing the vast sea right before you is an exciting option for sport lovers.

The 2,000 year old Janardhana Temple, the pure mineral springs and the nature care center makes it seem a little mystic. The experience of yoga by the beach and the Ayurveda rejuvenation center around it makes the place more fascinating for tourists. The best time for sport lovers to visit the place is from September to November and also from March to May. Since the place is close to Trivandrum, you can also plan a South Kerala Tour as well. A slow beach holiday and a stay for a week with Ayurvedic massages and cooking seems like the perfect way to chill out here.

Kovalam Beach

Perhaps one of the most popular beaches in Kerala, Kovalam is the place to be if you’re looking for the Ayurveda and Yoga by the Beach Experience. And of course, if you’re looking for some action, then you most definitely do find that at Kovalam too, widely regarded as the most popular and developed beaches in the state. The breathtaking beach resorts with its one of a kind Ayurveda salons, yoga and meditation centers that have been set is in the ambience of the sparkling golden sands has made it one of the truly finest beaches in the state. There are plenty of beach spots here, the light house, where you can catch some great open air restaurants and is quite busy throughout the year, the Hawah beach and the Samudra beach of which the latter is a little better for the secluded experience all make it worth your time.

For the adventure seekers, Kovalam has come up to be a great surfing destination if you’re thinking of grabbing that surfboard and hitting the beach. The best time to plan a trip here is from November to March howvwerm good discounts are also available during the monsoon season, July to August. The best time to come here if you haven’t experienced the Kerala during the festive season is to drop in here during the Onam season because that’s when you get to experience Kovalam at its grandest and you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.