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Kerala Cuisine

Kerala Cuisine

The Cuisine in Kerala is very much interlinked to the rich history of the state. The cuisine here has a wide variety of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes that are delectable and mouthwatering. Widely regarded as the ‘land of spices, the unusual cuisine blends together the rich aroma of hot spices along with a balancing flavor of coconut as well. While seafood, vegetables, poultry and red meat are eaten by people all over this small state, there are certain dishes that are best had in certain geographic locations. For example, the best seafood can be had in the coastal regions of the state while vegetable dishes is the best in the plains while meat is central to the people of Northern Kerala

Kanji and payar (rice gruel with lentils)

The people in this state love the rich aromatic flavor of coconut in their dishes along with chillies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind and asafoetida. Locally available products are put to good use to create simple but palatable dishes. For example, a simple rice gruel (kanji) with lentils (payar) and pickle is as relished as the extravagant sadya comprising sambar, the lip-smacking avail, erisserry and payasam.

Kerala Fish Curry

The long coastline and numerous rivers have led to a strong fishing industry in the state, making seafood a common part of meals here. Rice & tapioca are the main cultivation here. The dishes make frequent use of widely available spices like black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger and cinnamon.

Along with popular rice based breakfast dishes like idiyappam, Idly, appam and so on which are had with spicy lentil curries, fish curry, coconut milk stew or coconut chutney and sambar, Avial (veg dish),mango ginger and tamarind pickles are popular at meal times. Meats widely eaten include chicken, beef, pork and duck along with eggs. There are several regionally popular dishes like Kozhikode Halwa, the ever popular biriyani from Thalassery and Kuttanad Duck Roast along with Alleppey Fish curry and so much more! Come to Kerala and enjoy the delicious and widely loved palatable dishes that will surely leave you wanting more.